Friday, August 19, 2011

Fur is green: greenwashing

I found this terrific blogpost the other day on the greenwashing blog on the campaign fur is green. You can read the full post here: Fur is Green: A Desperate Greenwash from the Fur Council of Canada

Claiming that fur and fur-trimmed products are “green”, “ecological”, or “environmental” is the equivalent of saying, “have a nice day”. There are no restrictions or regulations on using these terms and the fur industry has no independent endorsement or certification of its so-called commitment to the environment or “eco” practices.

This quote marks the spot exactly!

The fur trade will claim that no endangered species are used in their fur products, as if this was a commendable feature. But refraining from intentionally harming or killing endangered species is the LAW, and following the law is a bare minimum requirement of all industries!

Indeed. We are supposed to applaud them for not killing off endangered species. Well you can call me responsible too then. I didn't kill of any endangered species in writing (and publishing!) this blogpost. You see? I'm responsible now...

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