Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fur PR

Danish fur breeders are trying to brush up their image with a new PR campaign after all the bad press they have been getting the last few years.(Norway: protest against fur).

Danish animal rights group Dyrenes Beskyttelse strikes back and gets coverage for it in the national press.

Ekstra Bladet (link in danish)

In their new media campaign the fur breeders claim that they are the best in the world and that their animals are treated well. According to them, only 1% of their animals become sick and suffer.

The animal rights group Dyrenes Beskyttelse doesn't wan't to just sit and watch while the fur breeders wage their PR offensive. So they published their own Ads to set the record straight.

The fur breeders claim that only 1% of their animals suffer (a claim apparently without facts to back it up). What is factual is this:

50 % af de danske minkfarme fik i 2010 kritik, påbud eller blev politianmeldt af myndighederne'.
Translation: 50% of danish minkfarms have been criticized, received an injunction or been reported to the police by the authorities.

So, only one percent? I don't think so. Especially if these sort of images turn up when you look up danish mink farms:

Solskov Mink 2010 - v. Tage Pedersen (formand for Kopenhagen Fur) from on Vimeo.

Another fact about the fur industry:

I rapporten 'Dyrevelfærd i Danmark 2010' lyder det da også, at der skete 'lovovertrædelser på 50 procent af pelsdyrfarmene'.
Translation: The report 'Animal welfare in Denmark 2010' states that 50% of fur farms broke the law.

I hope the danish animal rights community succeeds in providing a counterweight to the fur industry.

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