Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thousands protest against fur trade

Yesterday thousands took to the streets in Norway to protest against the fur industry in their country, calling for a ban on fur farms. The march was organised by norwegian animal rights group NOAH and made headlines across the country.

Norwegian newspaper Dagbladet had a full article on the protests and focused on the broad support the animal rights movement got from politicians, local celebs,...

Some of the more prominent attendees of the march include norwegian politician Hadia Tajik fashion designer Fam Irvoll , novelist Unni Lindell and actress Viktoria Winge

Hadia Tajik is a norwegian parlementarian and member of arbeiderpartiet.

Hadia Tajik, profilbilde

This is what she had to say:

No fur products are necessary enough, warm or beautiful enough to justify an industry that breeds wild animals to become luxury clothing. We have to set a standard. We have to ban fur breeding in Norway.

You cannot get anymore explicit than that. I wish we had more politicians like that. More and more people in this country - including politicians - are condemning the fur trade. And this is a big deal, since Norway is a traditional fur country. We can only hope that something more comes out of this than just protests and headlines. I hope politicians such as Hadia Tajik or Heikki Holmås (SV) actually take steps to ban fur farms and take the appropiate parliamentary actions to make it happen.

The time for the politicians to do their job is now, because the norwegians are losing patience. And yes, that's also in the news (not making this up):

At politikerne drar ut avviklingen av pelsoppdrett, fører til et sinne i det norske folk

translation: That politicians are stalling a ban on fur breeding, is making norwegians angry.

Pressure has been mounting the last few years against the fur industry, you can read more about it here

For those of you who understand norwegian:

Interview of Siri Martinsen (animal rights group NOAH)

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