Sunday, October 9, 2011

The fight against fur

Winter is coming and fur collars and fox tails will be flying in our faces thanks to sly marketing tactics of the international fur industry and the simple fact that they stich real fur on just about anything these days (hats, collars, boots, purses, ...).

Some would give up, luckily Belgian animal rights group GAIA (Global Action in the Interest of Animals) doesn't. And for their latest campaign they got an international star with belgian roots: Jean-Claude Van Damme. Yes, the muscles from Brussels.

GAIA's latest campaign: The victims (link in dutch)

With giant billboards showing Jean-Claude Van Damme holding a dead mink, GAIA is taking the fight out to the streets. These billboards will be present in 8 big belgian cities. GAIA wants to ban fur farming from belgium (there are still 19 fur farms left in this country) and inform the public of the animal welfare and environmental concerns.

In Holland a similar campaign started very recently. Animal activists from 'Bont voor Dieren' (fur for animals) kicked off a campaign with the slogan Only animals wear fur

Their goal is to inform the public and ban fur farming from Holland in five years time (Holland is one of the biggest mink producers in the world). Local dutch celebs such as actrice Sanne Vogel, DJ Wannabeastar (Jojanneke Van der veer who is also behind furfreefashion and Maxim Hartman joined in on the campaign.

If you understand dutch, be sure to check out this video of the campaign kick off:


  1. Hi there, i've made a post about fur farming and i would be really grateful if you just take a quick look at it, it's really important for me, thank you! :)

  2. Nice post. Good that you are trying to make people more aware of the cruelties of the international fur trade.