Sunday, October 16, 2011

The fight against fur: follow up

Winter is coming and animal rights groups such as GAIA (Global Action in the Interests of Animals) or fur for animals (in dutch: 'Bont voor dieren') are stepping up the fight against fur, trying to make the streets fur free once and for all. If you haven't read my previous post about their new campaigns here in Belgium and Holland, you can find it here

In Belgium GAIA managed to get belgian born movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme to pose for an anti-fur billboard. Naturally this made the national headlines (and the billboards can be seen many places in the country). The fur industry naturally didn't like this and decided to sue GAIA.

Complaints against GAIA (in dutch)

Now it appears the lawsuit failed utterly. The Belgian fur federation, The European Fur Breeder's Association and the International Fur Trade Federation decided to sue animal rights group GAIA. They wanted to ban the anti-fur billboards via court order. The judge dismissed the case however...

The fur industry also filed a complaint with the belgian JEP, a commission for ethical practices in ad campaigns. These complaints however were dismissed as well. So Jean-Claude Van Damme will be able to continue being a 1980's and 1990's superhero for minks in the streets of belgium for a while longer. In billboard size even, so quite literally larger than life.

And yes, this made national headlines in several major news outlets. If you understand dutch, you can read this: newspaper article or this or this or ...

As you can see this brought even more attention to this campaign and to the suffering of animals in the fur industry. The belgian animal rights activists haven't been silenced, so the protest can continue. Hopefully the campaigns will be succesful both in Belgium as in Holland.

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