Saturday, September 24, 2011

West Hollywood bans fur

Good news! The city of West Hollywood decided to ban fur. Yes, it is just one town in the entire world, but it's a great step forward. Let's hope other towns - and one day countries - follow suit. Thumbs up to councillor John D'Amico who made this historic fur ban possible.

West Hollywood bans the sale of fur

West Hollywood City Council have taken the first steps towards banning the sale of fur clothing, making it the first place in the United States to adopt such a law.

The isn't final yet, there is another vote in october:

Following a heated seven-hour debate, the council voted unanimously to block the sale of apparel made in whole or part from the pelt of an animal with hair, wool or fur, pending the result of a final vote in October.

The fur trade - naturally - isn't too happy about all of this.

You cannot be a fashion destination if you cannot represent the designers' full collections of designs in retail establishments," Kaplan said

Yes, full collections...Just ignore the ethical and environmental questions. And the fact that many designers are almost just about forced to use fur if they want to participate in certain fashion shows.

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