Sunday, September 4, 2011

Swedish fur farms exposed again

Last year The Swedish animal rights group Djurrättsalliansen (Animal Rights Alliance) exposed the fur industry to the entire world by releasing images of the day to day suffering mink have to endure in the name of fashion.

A year later the swedish Animal Rights Alliance released new footage of the conditions on mink farms. And despite the promises made by the fur trade and politicians, the conditions of the animals have not improved at all.

This disturbing video shows the truth behind mink farming:

”Välskötta djur i god kondition” from Djurrättsalliansen on Vimeo.

These images were taken this summer on seven swedish fur farms. They show the exact same conditions like last year, despite the use of new cages. Four of the seven farms that were visited by the animal activists had new cages in use that are supposed to improve animal welfare. However they encountered the same disturbing conditions with these cages.

mink farming (swedish)

Den nya dokumentationen visar att det inte har skett några förbättringar alls sedan avslöjandet förra året. På de farmer som besökts i år har Djurrättsalliansen kunnat dokumentera minkar med beteendestörningar, trasiga och smutsiga burar, döda djur och väldigt mycket skador, främst bitskador efter det att djuren biter på varandra eller på sig själva.

Translation: The new images show that the situation hasn't improved since last year. The fur farms visited by Djurrättsalliansen this year had animals with behavioral problems, filthy cages, dead and wounded mink. Most wounds were bites inflicted by themselves or other animals.

When the Animal Rights Alliance released the images of the swedish fur industry last year, it was quickly swept under the rug. Authorities claimed the animals were in good condition and well cared for. (The real findings of veterinarians came out later as you can read in my previous post

With all this horror in the name of fashion, we can only be thankfull that there are fashion designers out there not willing to participate in this fur fashion trend, like Fur Free Fashion,Fashion against fur (in norwegian) or the Oslo Fashion Week

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