Friday, September 2, 2011

fake fur trend this fall

The fur industry prides itself on the so called fur renaissance... But could it be that real fur is on its way out and this time for good? No matter how much marketing dollars they throw at it?

This article in the LA Times on the fake fur trend in fashion is worth a read.

A few quotes:

Faux fur is everywhere this season. And thanks to manufacturing advances, it looks better than ever

Even at the high end, fake fur is being used widely by designers who note the improved quality and realistic nature of materials coming from Europe and Japan. These imported materials allow for more versatility in design, not to mention lower costs compared with real fur.

And the best bit of good news:

"The fur trend in the U.S. is toward fake," says Amy Lechner, an analyst with Pell Research. "The stigma of fake fur is rapidly decreasing."

Lets hope that the fake fur trend sticks and the real fur trend dissolves and goes away for ever.

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