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Oslo fashion week fur free: yet again

Rev titter ut av kasse
Oslo fur farm - Nettverk for dyrs frihet

Oslo fashion week is fur free...again! After being the first ever fashion week in the world to go fur free last winter, they decided to continue their fur free policy during this fashion week running from august the 8th till august the 14th.

This is a great thing and also sparks a debate about the role of the fur industry in fashion and the influence they try to have on young designers and the world of fashion as a whole.

This is a great opportunity to get our point across in the press. This is just one great example:

ukeavisen ledelse (link in norwegian)

Markedsføringsorganet Saga Furs bruker nemlig nesten like mye på markedsføringstiltak som norsk pelsbransje får i subsidier. Er norsk motebransje nå i ferd med å b li immune mot framstøtene fra pelsbransjen?

Translation: Saga Furs spends almost as much on marketing as the norwegian fur industry receives in government subsidies. Is the norwegian fashion industry becoming immune to fur trade marketing?

The fur industry doesn't like this of course and responds in its own predictable way. Just take Eva Kruse (Copenhagen fashion week) for example...who said just about the same as last time around.

Basically she is critical of the decision to go fur free made by Oslo Fashion Week and she thinks that every designer should be able to decide on his/her own whether to use fur or not.

Eva Kruse naturally forgets to mention that designers were forced to use real fur in their designs if they wanted to participate in the opening show of Copenhagen Fashion Week. How about freedom to decide what to use again?

You can visit the fashion week website here

And be sure to check out known designer Fam Irvoll

She is fur free and started fashion against fur (link in norwegian)

An initiative of important players in the norwegian fashion industry to counter the influence of the fur industry in fashion.

I've blogged about the Oslo Fashion Week before here: Oslo fashion week fur free

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