Thursday, July 14, 2011

fur breeder charged with animal abuse

Erik Ugilt Hansen, a mink fur breeder and a prominent member of Kopenhagen Fur, has been charged with animal abuse by the danish authorities. (link in danish)

Earlier this year animal activists released footage of minks living in appalling conditions on his fur farm. The fur industry of course tried to persuade the public that the images were forgeries, but danish police thought the matter was serious enough to investigate.

And what they found confirmed the footage made by the animal rights activists.

Hun fandt dyr med afbidte, blødende haler, gamle betændte sår på krop og hoved - sår

Animals were found with their tails bitten off, bleeding, old wounds on their body and head, ...

The situation was so bad that the police had to contact a veterinarian.

Footage of his fur farm made by danish animal rights group Anima:

Pelsindustriens løgne #2 from on Vimeo.

Several months ago Ugilt Hansen was interviewed about the images made by animal activists. He had this to say:

De mennesker der er kommet og brudt ind på farmen om natten, de har været og byttet dyrene om så de kommer op at slås, eller også har de medbragt nogle dyr som har skader

According to him, the animal activists made the animals fight each other or brought their own wounded animals to his farm to videotape.

These accusations are heard more than often enough. Both in europe and in the United States.

Ridiculous, but many people seem to believe these accusations at face value (because we animal activists are evil to the core I guess?) and support the fur industry without giving it a second thought.

I hope that this case of animal abuse (one of many in denmark the last few years) wakes people up to horror behind a fur collar. Fur is unethical and the fur trade cannot provide for even the most basic of animal welfare needs of mink, foxes,...

This isn't just any case, Erik Ugilt Hansen was the chairman of Kopenhagen Fur (formerly known as 'Dansk Pelsdyravlerforening' for 17 years and up until he was charged with animal abuse, he was still a board member of Kopenhagen Fur!

You can find more on Kopenhagen Fur and the danish fur industry here:

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