Sunday, June 26, 2011

Norwegian against fur farms

Good news from Norway. One of the biggest facebookpages in Norway is now "Forby pels nå" (ban fur now). Over 250000 facebookusers joined the page of Norwegian animal rights group "Dyrevern alliansen".

ban fur now

250000 against fur

According to the norwegian animal rights group:

Det er nå blitt et folkekrav å legge ned pelsdyroppdrett.

translation: There is now a public demand to ban the fur industry.

Nobody can deny that it is no small achievement to gather so many people on one facebookpage, let alone in a language other than english (everything is in norwegian). The public opinion in Norway seems to have swinged in favour of the position portrayed by animal rights/welfare groups.

Politicians cannot ignore the public and steps are being taken: ban on fur farms one step closer

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