Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ban on fur farms one step closer

A ban on fur farms is now one step closer in Norway thanks to the norwegian 'workers party' (Arbeiderpartiet). Following their party congress in april, the 'workers party' published this text on their website in regards to the fur trade in their country:

phasing out the fur industry (link in norwegian)

Et flertall på Arbeiderpartiets landsmøte vedtok søndag å gå inn for en styrt avvikling av pelsdyroppdrett i Norge.

A majority at the party congress voted to phase out fur farming in Norway

Arbeiderpartiet mener det er forbundet med store utfordringer innen dyrevelferd i pelsdyrnæringen - noe både Den norske veterinærforening og Veterinærinstituttet har påpekt.

'Arbeiderpartiet' takes the position that there are serious challenges to animal welfare in regards to the fur industry. This has been pointed out both by the norwegian veterinary association as by the veterinary institute.

Næringen har fått flere sjanser til å forbedre forholdene uten å kunne vise til gode nok resultater.

The fur trade has had many chances to improve the conditions (at fur farms) without being able to show enough results

All of this is great news. Norway is after all a traditional fur country... far up north. The fur industry (and their lobby) have had a tight grip on the scandinavian world for quite some time, but things are finally changing. (Now, if we could just get Canada to do the same :s )

Since the last couple of years the public has been exposed to terrific images of fur farms in their country. And it cleary didn't miss it's effect. Read this post for more info: Norwegian fur farms And this one: Why Oslo Fashion Week went fur free

Don't feel like reading? Watch this documentary about the norwegian fur industry (subtitles available, but spoken in norwegian):

Up Against the Wall / Kniven på strupen from Ola Waagen on Vimeo.

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