Friday, February 25, 2011

study proves fur is NOT green

Minkkvalp med sår

The fur industry likes to market their 'products' as green and ecological. And to my amazement, some people (even eco - conscious folks) take these claims seriously. Without even bothering to check if there are any real facts or studies to back it up.

Just take the canadian campaign fur is green. I've blogged about their bogus claims before here.

They don't have anything to back up their claims, just cheap arguments and faulty logic. People who actually care about facts on the other hand, use studies and facts.

Today a study was published by research and consultancy organisation CE Delft: Fur: harmful to the environment The title says it all doesn't it?

On February 25, 2011, CE Delft released the report 'The environmental impact of mink fur production'.
This study reports on a life cycle assessment (LCA) of mink fur production,

To produce 1 kg of fur requires more than 11 animals. In the course of its lifetime, mink eat about 50 kg of feed, resulting in 563 kg of feed required per kg of fur

Compared with textiles, fur has a higher impact per kg in 17 of the 18 environmental categories, including climate change, eutrophication and toxic emissions

The study was commissioned by the dutch anti fur group 'Bont voor dieren' (fur for animals), belgian animal rights group GAIA and the italian group 'LAV'.

Dutch group 'Bont voor dieren' issued a statement on their website:

Bont voor dieren

De studie toont dus aan dat de nertsenhouderij een ernstige en bovendien onnodige milieu-impact veroorzaakt. Daarmee is de claim dat bont een duurzaam product is weerlegd

Translation: The study proves that mink fur production puts a serious and unnecessary strain on the environment. The claim that fur is a durable product has been refuted.

I wonder how the fur council of Canada and the 'fur is green' campaign are going to respond to this one. Or will they just ignore the facts?

You can read the study in full here: the environmental impact of mink fur production

And remember, this is just about mink fur. What about fox fur or raccoon? Fur is not green, but it is cruel:

Mink fur production, Norway

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  1. The most ridiculous argument I have ever heard. A bit like how farmed fish is green too. Amazes me how they try and put a good spin on this. Fur is cruel, selfish and environmentally unsustainable. Not one redeeming feature.