Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pinnacle lashes out at danish fur trade


Internet magazine and designer group Pinnacle lashes out at the danish fur trade because of their attacks directed at the Oslo Fashion Week, the first ever fashion week to ditch fur.

You can read it here: Norway sends shock waves to Copenhagen

A promising quote:

Oslo is just the beginning. There is an international groundswell of young designers who are driven by gorgeous aesthetics and cutting edge technology that does no require compromising ethics, heroism, justice, ecology, compassion, or an active vision of a future that has evolved from infantile self-gratification. Fur is stagnant. It is going nowhere.

I hope so. It sure is time that the fashion world wakes up to the unethical practices of the fur trade and takes a stand. It has worked in Norway thanks to groups such as 'Mote mot pels' (fashion against fur). Other groups are popping up, just think of 'fur free fashion' in Holland.

We can also read another interesting tidbit in the article. Torben Neilsen (Kopenhagen Furs) claims that fur is about "having your own opinions and daring to vouch for them".

Is that why designers at the opening show of the Copenhagen Fashion Week were forced to use fur? Not surprising if you know that the fur trade is the main sponsor of the fashion week. Read about it here: Copenhagen Fashion Week

Are the designers being pressed to use fur standing up for their own opinions? I think it is amazing that the fur industry gets away with all of this.

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