Saturday, February 12, 2011

Copenhagen Fashion Week

Danish animal rights group Anima protested the extravagant use of fur at the Copenhagen Fashion Week. And with succes! Their protests made the news and exposed even more people to the inherent cruelty of this industry.

Anima gives animals a voice (danish)

Anima got more than enough media attention and used it well to point out that many designers are being forced by the fur trade to use fur in their collections.

Evidence of this turns up regulary in the media, but not many people know about this.

Take this article from the danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet for example:

Arrangøren bag modeugens store åbningsshow krævede, at designerne skulle bruge pels for at deltage. Kopenhagen Fur er hovedsponsor for Copenhagen Fashion Week og arrangøren bag åbningsshowet i går.

Two important facts in this quote:

1. Designers who wanted to participate in the opening show of the Copenhagen Fashion Week were forced to use fur. Otherwise they couldn't take part in the opening show.

2. Kopenhagen Fur is the main sponsor of the Copenhagen Fashion Week and organized the opening show of the fashion week.

Designeren Whiite var en af deltagerne, og de har ingen planer om igen at bruge pels i deres kollektioner. Whiite har heller ikke før har brugt pels.

Fashion Designer Whiite was one of the participants and doesn't plan on using fur again. Whiite hasn't used fur before either.

No wonder that the fur industry can boast about the many fashion designers who use fur in their collections. They simply have no choice!

What is even more shocking is that the leader of the Copenhagen Fashion Week - Eva Kruse - is a former employee of the fur industry. The fur industry is clearly trying to take over the fashion industry. I am surprised that the fashion world is allowing this to happen.

And if you take this all into consideration, the pro fur folk are very hypocritical. When the Oslo Fashion Week banned fur last december, Eva Kruse of Copenhagen Fashion Week had this to say:

Jeg synes, det må være op til den enkelte, hvilke materialer, man vil bruge

source: Politiken (danish)

Translation: "I think it should be up to the individual to decide which materials to use."

Of course Eva Kruse forgets to mention that at her own fashion week designers are being pressed to use fur. I thought it was up to the individual?

At least the Oslo Fashion Week (which starts the 14th of february) made the right choice and took a stand against fur. If you want to know why, you can read about it here: Why Oslo Fashion Week went fur free

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