Thursday, January 6, 2011

veterinarians want to ban fur farming

Revevalper i ekstremt skittent bur

Often the fur industry prides itself for being an ethical and green industry. An industry that has been unfairly treated by animal activists. Animal rights groups 'distort' the reality of fur farming and make things worse than they are.

The fur industry has done its best at rublic relations, just think of the fur is green campaign in Canada.

This is what they have to say about animal welfare:

Animal welfare is a top priority for the people working in the fur industry because when animals provide us with a wide range of products and services, we have a responsibility to ensure the highest standards of care and prevent unnecessary suffering.

This is what norwegian veterinarians say on fur farming:

norwegian veterinarian association(2009)

Dagens pelsdyrhold er basert på hold av aktive rovdyr i små nettingbur. Driftsformen betyr at dyrene ikke får tilfredsstilt naturlige adferdsbehov.

translation: Todays fur farming practices are based on keeping active predators confined in small wire mesh cages. This means that animals cannot act in a natural way.

They further say that fur farming should be stopped in Norway.

This isn't an animal rights group, these are professionals giving their professional opinion.

The norwegian veterinary association has been critizing the fur industry since 2001

Helt siden 2001 har Veterinærforeningen vært kritisk til pelsdyrnæringen.

Translation: Since 2001 the veterinary association of Norway has been critical of the fur industry.

And this isn't all. A government organisation, responsible for animal welfare inspections also recently critized the fur industry: Mattilsynet

Mediene har de siste dagene vist bilder fra norske pelsdyranlegg, bildene viser blant annet dyr med stygge sår. - Slike tilstander er helt uakseptabelt. Jeg er skuffet over at vi igjen ser slike bilder fra denne næringen, sier assisterende tilsynsdirektør Ole Fjetland i Mattilsynet.

Summary: The last couple of days images of norwegian fur farms have been circulating in the media (images of wounded animals, ...)
This is totally unacceptable. I am shocked that we again see such images from this industry.

You can find the images of norwegian fur farms here

It doesn't seem so ethical now doesn't it? I thought animal welfare was that important to the fur industry?

Another interesting fact. The fur is green campaign has put up a link to a video of a danish fur farm

The reality of danish fur farms is very different from what they show you. Two out of three break animal welfare regulations: danish fur farming


  1. Fur farming is sick. Humanity has completly given into the temptation. Greed is what makes the world go round now... How colud it have come to this?

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