Friday, January 7, 2011

pressure against fur industry mounting

Liten kvalp i hjørne av bur

Pressure is mounting against the fur industry in Norway. In recent years several scandals rocked the scandinavian fur industry, from Denmark to Norway... Everywhere people are waking up to the cruelty of the international fur industry. Suffering and death in the name of vanity.

The pressure against the fur industry isn't 'just' coming from animal activists. The general public is turning on them too, just as veterinarians are: veterinarians want to ban fur farming

The facebookpage Forby pels nå (outlaw fur now) had 163000 members as of 8 december 2010. The page was founded only a couple of months before (october). This many members in such a short time (for a country with only 5 million people) is amazing. The facebookpage is now the bigges in Norway and is still growing. By now they are up to 170000 members.

Politicians on the other hand are reluctant to take an ethical stance and ban fur (is the fur lobby powerful or what?). But even that is changing.

Norwegian politician Inga Marte Thorkildsen(SV) is one such politician:


She makes a stand against the fur industry (as does her party SV). Her blog today couldn't be more clear.

Det er ikke mulig å kombinere god dyrevelferd med oppdrett av pelsdyr. bildene vi har sett i mediene før jul viser med all tydelighet hvilke skader pelsdyrene blir utsatt for i et oppdrettsmiljø.

Translation: It isn't possible to breed animals for their fur in an ethical way. Images we have seen in the media before the holidays clearly show what horrors animals are exposed too in the fur industry.

The Norwegian green party is also a fervent opponent of the fur industry: stop animal abuse

Spokesperson for the green party Sondre Båtstrand:

Nå er det på tide å sette foten ned for en næring som baserer seg på dyreplageri, for selv om pelsdyrnæringen skulle følge gjeldende lover og regler, vil de fortsatt utsette dyrene for store lidelser.

Translation: Now is the time to stand up to an industry that is based on animal abuse. Even if the fur industry were to follow all rules and regulations. They would continue to expose animals to extreme suffering.

A growing list of celebs are also shunning away from fur. You can find the list here

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