Monday, January 3, 2011

Oslo fashion week fur free

The Oslo fashion week has gone fur free. yes, you heard that right. Oslo! As in: that big city in Norway, very cold during winter and a traditional fur country. That Oslo has forbidden fur during their fashion week.

Those of you who follow scandinavian media have known about this for quite some time, but now this great news has made it to the international media. From the blog of fashion enthousiast and animal lover the discerning brute to the Cut or Perez Hilton. All have been blogging about this major blow to the international fur industry.

Perez Hilton: Norway bans fur from fashion week

Hilton’s blogpost was very interesting. It features a poll on fur. Over 8000 people have voted and 65% of those agree that fur should be banned from the runway. Excellent news. This means that the global perception of fur is turing against this cruel and unnecessary industry. And it should. All of this we owe to animal rights group NOAH and Mote mot Pels (fashion against fur). Mote mot pels is a group of fashion designers, stylists,models,… who refuse to work with fur.Here is their website (in norwegian) Mote mot pels

It is only natural that fur is a big no-no during the fashion week in Norway. Just consider that the norwegian vet association wants the fur industry to be banned. Here is the link (in norwegian) Outlaw fur farms

Generalsekretær i den norske veterinærforening Hans Petter Bugge (innfelt) tar til orde for å legge ned pelsdyrnæringen.

Translation: the general secretary of the norwegian vet association Hans Petter Bugge wants fur production to be stopped.

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