Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How fur becomes fashion: the fur lobby

We are now living in the 21 century. You would think people would have become more aware of what was going on around us. What we are doing to the animals, the planet and each other. Well, we thought wrong. People tend to be quite selfish and even more prone to being manipulated by marketing, lobbying and product placement.

People now seem to be so indoctrinated, that the fur lobby almost gets to gloat over their 'successes' over the years. Yes, that's right: lobby. I found an interesting article in a swedish paper I just had to share with the rest of you.

fur popular again thanks to succesful lobbying

The title doesn't mince words now doesn't it? Lets have a peep at what the industry has to say for itself.

The article start by stating that fur is making a comeback thanks to 'well planned' lobbying from Denmark, even while animal activists in Sweden managed to get mink farming on the political agenda. On the agenda? Sort of an understatement if you look at the images of these 'ethical fur farms', check it out here: mink farming Sweden

Some of the images:

§ 4 - Sveket mot minkarna from Djurrättsalliansen on Vimeo.

We are also kindly reminded that the main sponsor of the Copenhagen Fashion Week is the fur industry, anyone surprised as to why Copenhagen didn't agree with the fur ban in Oslo? Oslo fashion week bans fur Just remember the words of Eva Kruse:

Eva Kruse, the CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week, remarked, "We believe that fur is a central part of fashion and we have no plans to ban fur from Copenhagen Fashion Week

Even better. This is why so many designers are using fur 'again':

Den designer som ville visa upp sig i den var tvungen att ha päls i sin kollektion.

They flat out admit that if a designer wants to participate at the Copenhague Fashion Week, they HAVE to use fur. And of course Copenhague is important to the fashion industry, ergo: this is why many designers use fur (or make an exception just to be able to participate).

Another very interesting tidbit of information:

Nästan alla i lokalen är kineser. Där finns den absolut största delen av marknaden. En tredjedel av Danmarks export till Kina är minkskinn. En del kommer tillbaka till Europa efter att ha förvandlats till kappor och mössor.

Most of the fur is exported to China, part of it gets processed over there and then gets shipped back. Big surprise! Fur isn't so ecological and regionally made as some fur fans would have us believe.

Designer från hela världen kommer till Kopenhagen studio och får uppehälle och material betalt

Designer from all over the world come to Copenhagen studio (of course expenses payed for by the fur industry). What is Copenhagen Studio? Well, at Copenhagen Studio...they learn to work with fur of course!

The evidence is all around us that they are pushing the fashion industry with all their might and money to use fur. The more the marrier (except for the animals, reason or human values of course).

They further go to state that they try and reach as many fashion students as possible. Big surprise? don't think so, animal activists have been saying this for years. Now you hear it from them.

Just like with everything in life, they save the best stuff for last:

Även i Denmark har djurrättsaktivister publicerat bilder på vanvårdade minkar. 140 farmar granskades av danska myndigheter. Enligt tidningen Politiken bröt två tredjedelar av dem mot djurskyddsreglerna.

Translation:In Denmark animal activists released footage of the fur industry. 140 fur farms were investigated by the danish authorities. Two thirds of them broke animal welfare regulations.

Yes! 2/3 This isn't an isolated incident. And still they get to gloat. They manage to sell a product that cannot be defended, that shouldn't exist in the first place and break their own laws while they are at it. And they get away with it.

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