Monday, January 17, 2011

Fur free fashion in Holland

Rev med lange klør

Norway made world history when the Oslo fashion week went fur free, thanks to designers and other fashion insiders over at mote mot pels (fashion against fur). (If you want to know why Oslo Fashion week went fur free, click here

But Norway isn't the only country in the world housing fashion minded individuals who give fur the could shoulder. In Holland we have a similar group called Fur free. You can find their website at

Fur free is an initiative of Jojanneke van der Veer (DJ Wannabeastar) and Femke Dekker (My little underground)

Their message is simple but needed more then ever: Have a heart No to fur...

How does 'Fur free' hope to ban fur for good?

Like this:

Now we would have happily chained ourselves to a mink cage again but we decided to take a different route: A fashionable and positive statement showing you how beautiful fashion can be without being cruel to animals or damaging to our environment. So we will organize Fur Free shows, Fur Free exhibitions, publish Fur Free magazines, write Fur Free manifesto’s.

So in other words: positive actions showing the world you can be fashionable without fur. The fur industry thought they could hijack the fashion industry, well think again!

Actions like this show every designer (young and old) that we can do things differently:

On January 24th we will present another Fur Free event. Hosted at one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens, the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam, fashion designers Bas Kosters, And Beyond, Antoine Peters, Hester Vlamings and LEW will exhibit a fur free fashion showpiece in the garden’s threeclimate greenhouse

You can find more information here: fur free fashion exhibition

So if you are in Holland, don't forget to check it out. You can find a fur free preview made by award winning designer Bas Kosters here

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