Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fur free fashion in Amsterdam

The internation fashion week has started in Amsterdam, and we can see a lot of fur on the catwalk again. A real shame and proof of the efficacy of the international fur lobby. But as I blogged before, there are those who challenge the use of fur in fashion. And not just animal activists, but designers too.

Recently the norwegian initiative "Mote mot pels" (fashion against fur) made global headlines when they succeeded in making the Oslo fashion week fur free. If you want to know why Oslo Fashion ditched fur, read more about it here

But this isn't just happening in Norway. In Holland fashion insiders are calling out the fur industry as well.

Fur Free is an initiative of Jojanneke van der Veer (DJ Wannabeastar) and Femke Dekker (My little underground). This initiative is bringing together people from the fashion industry to protest against the fur industry in a positive way.

And they have done it! On the 24th of January they made headlines across the country with their fur free exhibition. And it looks lovely.

Just check out this video:

"Style today" on fur free in the hortus botanicus (dutch)

Voor de expositie Fur Free benaderden Jojanneke en Femke vijf Nederlandse ontwerpers die geen echt bont verwerken in hun collecties. ,,Iedereen was direct enthousiast. We hebben de designers volledig vrij gelaten in hun interpretatie van Fur Free.

Translation: For the Fur Free exposition Jojanneke en Femke approached five dutch designers who don't use real fur in their collections. Everybody was enthousiastic. The designers were completely free to interpret the Fur Free project.

And that free interpretation made for some fine handy work I have to say. The entire Fur Free exhibition looks almost like a fairy tale.

Jojanneke Van der Veer and Femke Dekkers are already planning their next anti fur event in Holland, and this time they want to go after not just designers, but stylists and photographers as well.

You can find some great pictures of this exhibition on this blog. Just scroll down and enjoy.

Visit the Fur Free site and read up on the designers backing this project.

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