Thursday, January 13, 2011

Excellent welfare in european fur farms?

Revevalp med avbitt hale

I am getting more and more convinced that the fur industry will say just about anything. Today I was browsing the European Fur Breeders Association's website (EFBA) and found this: excellent animal welfare

The news item on their website says the following:

Veterinarian controls confirm excellent animal welfare in European fur farms

disease incidence and mortality of mink is at a low level that is significantly below that of other livestock in Denmark

EFBA news 2010

Denmark? They forget to mention that many furbreeders in Denmark break animal welfare laws and that animals live under bad conditions in two out of three farms: danish fur breeders

How anyone can find a pdf with some nice pictues convincing is beyond me.

Just remember that veterinarians in Norway want to ban fur farming So anyone who wears fur should really think about the animal welfare issues. Fur is indefensible.

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