Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another blow to danish fur industry

In 2009 the danish animal rights group Anima shocked Denmark with horrible footage from danish fur farms. Denmark is the heart of the fur industry and the fur lobby. These images moved the public, helped increase public awareness about the cruelties of fur and were partly responsible for legislation outlawing fox farming.

A documentary aired by TV2, using the images made by Anima. If you understand some danish, you can watch it here: Operation X

Of course the fur industry - both foreign and abroad - claimed they were isolated cases, lies, forgeries,... In short: the typical ad hominem attacks were made. But the animal right groups were right and everybody in Denmark knows it. Thanks to the government.

On the 15th of January 2010 the danish newspaper Politiken published this article (danish): Mink live under bad conditions in two out of three farms

Yes, that's right. The government agrees after carefully inspecting the farms.

Mange minkfarmere forbryder sig mod dyrevelfærdsreglerne. Og det er uacceptabelt, siger fødevareminister Eva Kjer Hansen.

Translation: Mink breeders break animal welfare rules. And that is unacceptable says minister Eva Kjer Hansen.

Of course danish fur breeders used this rapport to 'prove' that the welfare of these animals couldn't be better. Who needs facts anyway right? Just flip it around...

They'll keep on disputing everything to the bitter end of course. Even when they have to attack the press itself to keep their unethical business going. Which is exactly what they tried...and failed at.

According to the fashion forum the complaints of the fur industry have been rejected.

The danish TV station TV2 recently did a follow up on Operation X and this wasn't to the liking of the danish fur industry, so they filed a complaint with the danish media board (Pressenævnet).

According to politiken.dk the fur industry claimed that the images in the documentary were used in a misleading way to make matters worse then they are. They didn't get very far with their complaint and the media board rejected it.

How could they do anything else when everything that the animal rights group Anima showed was supported by the government? Amazing that this news never made it to the international media. It should!

Here is a clip showing some of the images. Even if you don't understand danish, it is worth watching it (terrible):

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